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black ink calligraphy

Calligraphers of the past

Grinding an ink stick on a stone shaped like the “wind” its fragrant smell fills the room connects me to the calligraphers of the past who have been grinding their own ink before they begin to write stretching back...

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black ink art

Bamboo as flowers

Unable to find flowers for today’s arrangement, to accompany the preparation of tea, I instead hung this scroll I painted of bamboo. I mounted this using Japanese silks in a Muramachi era Kake-mono style . The seal is one...

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ink art and calligraphy

Layers of cloudy peaks

Staring out the window in my dining room, watching the clouds roll in over the mountains from the sea, I was inspired to hang an old painting from my collection. I wrote “layers of cloudy peaks” in large characters,...

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ink art

My first ink painting I painted

Digging in the crates of hanging scrolls I made while living in Taiwan, I came across one of my first ink paintings I painted, while living in Tian MU. Two friends sit beneath a mountain peak by the water,...

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