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Ink: Both subject and medium of expression

  Provoking complexity A metaphor for the expression of human experience Carrying with it a history of meanings, a litany of associations, layers of thoughts, vague as the dawn of creation Evoked by the color black, as no other...

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Calligraphy with Painting

Reason combined with knowledge made the ideal man; and calligraphy together with painting was the means by which this ideal character was expressed…. the wielder of the brush was never more alive, and part of past, present or future...

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Calligraphy: Chinese painting

One cannot possibly overestimate the importance of calligraphy in the origins of Chinese painting. The written word, the pictograph, or rather idea-character was of inestimable value to the Chinese. Through writing one could enter the realm of the classics,...

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Experiencing the “Spirit” of Calligraphy

to experience a work of calligraphy, is to experience human contact…. reading the thoughts, fears, joys, loves of those who have come before you experiencing the “energy” or “spirit” of the hand who wielded the brush, their written words...

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Painting in Black

Painting in black ink carving white paper Like a plow cutting through a field of white revealing all the colors, moods and emotions that lie beneath. Some say the color white is a combination of all color And black...

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